Misfit Shine Announces 2: the same in lighter and more colorful

A year and a half after the release and marketing of Shine Misfit announces its successor: the Shine 2. A very similar activity tracker to its predecessor in terms of usage, but slightly modified design.

For his second tracker activities, Misfit did not really take any risks. Shine 2, since that’s his name, again in broad design of its predecessor. So it is always a round tracker, which can both wear the wrist via a rubber bracelet, or any clothing and footwear through various teasers systems.

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The design differences are subtle. Shine 2 is slightly lighter than its big brother (against 8.5 grams 9.4 grams) and embeds color LED especially as the previous model merely white. Shine 2 is waterproof (up to 50 meters according to the manufacturer) and always loads a battery that allows it to last about 6 months. An advantage according Misfit, as there is no recharge regularly.

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Misfit Shine test

In everyday life, the Shine 2 will have more or less the same functionality of the tracking Shine 1. It can therefore measure the number of steps taken during the day, estimate the number of hours spent sleeping and judge the quality of sleep, but also, and this is a new feature, vibrate at certain times of the day to signify to the user that is at his PC without moving for too long.

Misfit should also use new LED colors of the bracelet to indicate specifically where the user is in its objectives. The new vibrator Shine 2 will also be used to wake up in the morning and then the accelerometer and the magnetometer 3 axes should be much more accurate tracker for its activities. Shine Unlike last year, the Shine 2 uses the Blutooth 4.1, which should make the most accurate and responsive when communicating with the smartphone.

Last, Misfit claims to have greatly improved the capacitive button Shine 2. tapes is carried out on the sensor surface and should be better taken into account. By touching the sensor, it is possible to see the time, but also to know which one is his goal and even control certain objects connected remotely. For this last feature, it will go through the application Misfit Link.

Shine 2 is already available for sale, at least on the official website of Misfit. The tracker, available in black or pink gold, sold 99 dollars (about 87 euros). Misfit also states that it will be available in other stores and everywhere in the world by next month.

Netatmo “? The acquisition by Google Nest I am very doubtful”

Thursday 25 September, Netamo held a press conference in Paris, with its thermostat as flagship. Yet a known product, but an opportunity to discuss, to clarify, to introduce new features and provide examples of the success of the unit.

This is Fred Potter, CEO and co-founder of the company that inspired Netatmo the press briefing of the day centered around the brand thermostats.

New features

Besides the desire to talk a little more talk about Netatmo, the brand wanted to present “two new features added by software update” to the company’s thermostat. Henceforth, it will benefit from BEE (Balance of Energy Conservation) to which users will have access each month. This is a detailed account of the available consumption by turning the smartphone screen, on which the recommendations are added to help further optimize its consumption.

The second feature is named Auto-Adapt. Based on the insulation of the dwelling and the outdoor temperature, the thermostat is able to determine automatically and only the time to reach the temperature determined by the user. So a tool to make the product more “intelligent”.

Finally a welcome competition

If the company’s director said he was “very skeptical” about the takeover of Nest by Google, it’s mostly duty. Indeed, competition is obviously welcome to Netatmo, which takes advantage of the media coverage of Nest also make its product and whether Nest sudden popularity has changed something for Netatmo Fred Potter says ” sales have never worn as well. ” He also explained that “the demand for connected thermostats is present”, although this is not yet a need. This is against the initial results, the first real make savings that will make the basic product, almost, within households. And to illustrate this theory, Netatmo presented examples – it has to be authentic – homes that achieve significant energy savings through this device.

Indeed, when a conventional thermostat is difficult to adjust, that of Netatmo (and its competitors) is controlled with the fingertips via a smartphone. When most households leave turn the heaters the day, even in the absence of people, it will launch the radiators before arriving home.

A different model Nest

“We, we do not think we can rely on the presence of a person in the room to manage the temperature”, says the director when asked the question of the difference between the operation of the Nest and this one. The man also relies on a concrete example and explained that in Europe, the habit is to have “a thermostat for the whole house while the United States has usually there a room thermostat “. If one relies on this reasoning, the presence detector highlighted by Nest is not really relevant in a home of this type. Fred Potter concedes that “models are available in the US and work very well”, which partly explains Netatmo there is not yet deployed its thermostat while its weather station there knows a good success.

A delicate French market

Unfortunately for Netatmo, the French market is delicate and presents itself as a European exception. In the hex, “over 40% of households heat with electricity” – and the connected thermostat is not compatible with the installations of this type – whereas this percentage is less than 10% in other markets targeted by the company in Europe.

However, the French market remains a primary objective for Netatmo, and the thermostat of the firm is now available at major retailers as well as in the energy sector professionals. You can find the product at FNAC, but Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Boulanger, Auchan or Amazon (179 euros). The professional circuit is also important for Netatmo including CHAM, a subsidiary of EDF, which is specialized in the maintenance and repair of heating, and can offer its customers the Netatmo solution.

Anyway, Netatmo now dealing with a tighter competition but in all cases achieved its goal by being profitable in 2013 and planning to be in 2014.

MIUI 7 now available on nearly 70 aircraft

During his presentation of redmi Note 2, Xiaomi MIUI also unveiled 7. A few days later, this new version based on Android 5.0 Lollipop is already available on nearly 70 third terminal manufacturers.

MIUI version 7 is launched and offers many new features. Xiaomi has of course begun to deploy its update on its own terminals, either in China or abroad, as well as a tool to carry more easily the ROM on other devices. Developers around the world are then set to work and now offer this firmware release on almost 70 handsets.

The full list of 69 smartphones available with the download links on the official website MIUI and identifies many brands, from Samsung to Sony or HTC via the Nexus or Chinese brands such as OPPO, ZTE and Huawei. The firm however warns those who wish to embark directly on possible malfunctions that could cause the flash of one of these ROM. Indeed, they are created by the community and have not been tested by the team behind MIUI. The “Patchrom Tool” has been posted recently, there is still only little advanced versions of the software, which can therefore still contain many bugs or features inoperative. Moreover, it is also stated that all these ROMs are based on the Chinese version of the firmware.

Despite these caveats, it should please the worshipers of this alternative ROM that will be pleased to know that the community is already working on porting this new version on many devices.

New Linux smartphone Motorola

Motorola added to its catalog a mobile terminal Linux more. This is the Motorola A810.

The terminal will be equipped with a touch screen and is triband. However, it does not support 3G but EDGE for data connections.

Oriented multimedia, the A810 will play AAC +, MP3, WAV and WMA as well as listening to the radio. It will have a jack and a camera 2 million pixel.

Moto G 2015: Android 6.0 finally arrives in Europe Marshmallow

European versions of the Moto G third generation output last year, should finally receive Android Marshmallow, nearly two months after the United States.

Motorola is no particular hurry manufacturer. Or at least it does not show in a hurry when it comes to the European public. Thus, the third-generation Moto G, which we tested in August 2015, received Android 6.0 Marshmallow during the end of December in the US and there are some days in India and Asia. But still nothing in Europe.

If one believes the Greek site TechValue, it seems that Europeans will finally be entitled to Marshmallow. The update would indeed arrived in Greece and should therefore delay the rest of Europe. The strangest is undoubtedly that this European update is different from American and Asian updates. The version number is indeed noted 24.41.33.en.EU 24.11.25.en.US against the United States and India. It seems that it’s not about the monthly security updates, since the capture of Greek screen indicates that they date back to January 2016.

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Motorola Moto 360, a few clarifications and Qualcomm to go

Motorola wanted to organize a “conference” about the announcement of the development of the Moto 360 shows already drunk the high-tech lovers. Without really engaging, the manufacturer has still given two or three details.

A little talkative builder

Yesterday we had a Motorola conference on the sidelines of the announcement of Google for the advanced development of Android Wear. The US firm jumped at the opportunity to unveil its promotional video shows connected: Motorcycle 360. It’s on the Internet that could follow this “conference”, which was ultimately a question / answers where most questions remain.

Motorola has discussed design and shape of the watch has attracted interest. One could question the integration of an operating system on a round screen, but the manufacturer has swept the doubts by explaining that the OS fits perfectly. Questions about the price or autonomy remain unanswered, since it is probably too early to tell. Motorola has only raised the tightness of the object and the fact that it can be worn on the left or right. We also learned that the Moto 360 will support all versions of Android from 4.3, and it was thought so Unisex to please men and women.

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Qualcomm will be part

Who will provide the Moto 360 processors and LG G Watch? It may well be whether Qualcomm. The manufacturer had expressed once the announcement of Android Wear made. He wished to recall his long collaboration with Google, including the Nexus range. It emphasized the quality of its equipment, suitable for long battery life. Qualcomm also has expertise as it comes to the practice of making watches connected with the Toq, which should also be available before the summer in Europe.

LG G Pad 8.3: let’s go for the teasing

The next LG tablet, which will allow the Korean company to reconnect with love abandoned for several years, will undoubtedly be presented in the coming days. The first visual elements suggest the G Pad.

The hardware of the G Pad yet to be confirmed, but those who doubted his very existence can be reassured: LG tablet will come good, as the LG G Pad 8.3. Korean, as he had done for the G2, has released a tablet of this teaser video, highlighting the needs of consumers surveyed as vox. This does not help us much in terms of features, although the video confirms hints Full HD screen included in this tablet, its compatibility with Smart TV, a fine screen (easy to carry) and use easy. As for us, we look at the G Pad 8.3 a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 600 and 2GB of RAM. Pictures of the tablet appeared online in the last hours show for their design reminiscent of the G2.

The great mass of new technologies Berlin fast approaching, we can expect a formalization of the LG G Pad 8.3 during the IFA 2013.

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NRJ Mobile will launch its unlimited package “Ultimate Unlimited” June 22

June 22, NRJ Mobile will launch an all-unlimited plan: Call, SMS, Internet + 3G … 49.99 € / month with a 24 month commitment.

June is a sign of new operators in French. But it is also six months before the possible arrival of Free market: coincidence? The latest rumors speak indeed of an entrance to the Christmas of this operator, if the coverage of the population is over 25%.

At Orange, New arrive on 16 June with the smart package for young (available blocked and unblocked) and some modifications on offers M6 Mobile and Origami Zen. Regarding SFR is a major overhaul of deals with more favorable pricing terms, for those who do not take a mobile and those who re-enlist. We must not forget the revolution in mobile Numericable either.

At the MVNO NRJ Mobile (Orange / SFR network), while a new flat rate (7/7 – 24/24) will be launched on June 22 (and available until August 24). Its slogan “W hen other operators offer unlimited with asterisks **, NRJ Mobile launches unlimited with nothing to hide”. It will use the SFR network. In detail, it will

unlimited calls to all operators (fixed and mobile)

“It is no different correspondents limit per month with NRJ Mobile, or choice of numbers.”

– Unlimited SMS to all operators

+ Unlimited Web (clamping from 1 GB) 3G +

This offer is 25-55 years, but also professionals who use a lot of voice plan.

It will be offered at € 49.99 / month with a 24 months and € 55.99 / month for 12 months.

If no mobile is purchased, it will then be a reduction of 5 € / month, that is to say, € 44.99 / month and € 50.99.

Several smartphones will be available from € 1. On the catalog include notably the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and Play, the LG Optimus 2X …

NASA Launches Apps contest for smartwatches

Why mobilize the precious time astrophysicists and engineers from NASA when you can ask the public to design smartwatchs applications for astronauts? It is precisely the whole purpose of the contest posted on the site Freelancer will allow the winner to win $ 1,500 and see its application used in space!

The application will be developed primarily for Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2 in space

First specificity contest posted on the site Freelancer, applications for connected watches designed for astronauts will be developed on Samsung Gear 2 priority, certainly on show format typed Gear 2. NASA says that the contest is based on the design design of the user interface of an application dedicated to the astronauts, for use on the ISS, the international Space station. These applications will ensure the organization and safety of astronauts aboard, and thus fulfill specific criteria

The app should allow the deployment of a single timeline and agenda with practice can be found on laptop or iPad (like Google Calendar, so).

It should include a color code to warn astronauts dangers

It must be possible to see at a glance the status of communications between Earth and the ISS (voice or video) so that the astronaut know if he is still well connected

The application must include a timer to complete tasks on time and optimizing the duration of certain activities and include notifications based on the conduct held by astronaut (if it takes too long to perform a task, the ‘app must notify him or encourage him if he had a good time).

It is unclear why the NASA turned its hopes to the Gear 2 and Android Wear, but it is explicitly asked developers and interface designers to design a tool that will be useful to astronauts in space. The winner of the competition will be rewarded with a bonus of $ 1,500 and the glory of seeing his application used beyond the stars. There are four weeks to participate and candidates are not yet rushed to the gate, as they are at present 9. The Freelancer.com website has a database of 16 million subscribers, so this figure should increase proportionally in the coming days. NASA proposes more public input on its missions, it has also made a covenant with the site Freelancer on another project in July, asking new tools designed specifically for Robonaut 2, a robot on this ISS.

NASA also launched a competition to design new tools for Robonaut 2, the humanoid robot to the ISS

technical issues

On the contest site, technical issues participants have increased since the launch of the challenge. The questions concern in particular the design of the interface, some developers have considered whether to adapt the interface to the circular design of the future smartwatch from Samsung. Should we develop exclusively on Android Wear while Gear 2 runs Tizen? NASA says yes to Android, while based on the format of the Gear 2. One participant complained of the lack of information to design the application, NASA replied that the contest is essential to develop a design of intelligent and innovative interface, easy to navigate and well designed and optimizing the size of a small screen to communicate and interact with other astronauts.

And as NASA has humor, a participant said in English: “As a space and tech enthusiast, it is my duty to enter this contest” (As a space enthusiast and technology, I have to participate in this competition), what NASA says, “the call of duty” (call of duty).

Microsoft buys LinkedIn to 23.3 billion euros

Professional social network created in 2003, LinkedIn, will be bought by Microsoft for the impressive sum of 23.3 billion euros.

LinkedIn seat

Microsoft and LinkedIn announced Monday it has entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will LinkedIn acquisition for an amount of approximately $ 26.2 billion, or 23.3 billion euros. According to the statement of LinkedIn, the professional social network “will retain its distinct brand, culture and independence.”

In practice, this will mean maintaining Jeff Weiner as CEO of LinkedIn, which is simply attached to Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO. Both sides indicate that the transaction should be “finalized during the calendar year.”

This is the largest amount since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook in 2014.

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