Inside the test: As a (Alb) dream games

“Inside” is from the “Limbo” -Machern but proposes a an entirely different direction.

A t the Microsoft press conference during E3 2016 was touted by a developer bodied as “one of the best video games I’ve ever played” the indie game “Inside”. And all this: Yes, sure. The surprise: “Inside” is absolutely fair that overestimated amount. Assuming you do without comparisons with blockbuster titles and can be fully play to the only three-hour experience with this game.

Test Conclusion: What to know

You are guaranteed not regret having played “Inside” – even if you are not a fan of side-scrolling action or puzzles. The mechanics in the game are easy to understand, logical puzzles and therefore completely solvable. Different game elements provide variety – even if there are a few lengths to the middle of the game and towards the end. Once you but then get closer to the final, turn your console is no longer guaranteed from “Inside” shocked “Inside” surprised and “Inside” is so twisted that you’re wondering what just seen the hell are you, let alone have played. Tip: Play “Inside” in the dark. And put on earphones – the soundscape alone deserves recognition!


Varied elements

Incredible atmosphere

Density soundscape

fulminant finale

great mechanics

great ideas


Centrally a few lengths

Test score of editors


very good

You will want to talk to someone

There are good reasons why you will find in this Test no spoilers and only a rudimentary content Description: You play “Inside” – as “Limbo” – from the perspective of a little boy who seems to be on the run. The developers have uses both the mechanics of its predecessor, as well as to the gloomy mood. However, “Inside” no sequel to “Limbo” – it must be considered independently.

You start in a forest and you seem to run it. On a flight from humans, dogs, machines and other things you are making passages through industrial buildings, flooded factories and rooftops. And while “Inside” is at first almost exclusively a 2D sidescroller with puzzle elements, increasingly macabre figures, strange moments and unexpected mechanisms are added, which raise questions with you.

“Inside” is full of highly emotional moments, but delivers as many horror and action elements.

Collectibles that you quickly forget

In the meantime, you may encounter one or the other collector’s object, hidden in small secret spaces or hard to reach sections. While the motivation to find more, at first is still high, you quickly come across this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtime: There are more important things to see, experience and learn. For crates move just beginning to climb a hill and on ropes you shimmy even initially along – once when the laws of physics are questioned, you have bigger problems.

The events in the game sharp move ever further, and while you are already thinking about the middle of the game, after about one and a half to two hours, nothing you could surprise more and accept perhaps, you have seen everything now, suddenly, an unexpected moment follows the next. “Inside” She throws late without warning in an entirely different and unpredictable gameplay. Therefore, be prepared: you will want to then talk to someone about it.

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“Inside” appears on 29 June 2016 for Xbox One, on July 7 of PC. and on August 23 for PS4.