iPad Mini: Apple’s tablet in 7.9 inches

A few weeks after his splendid presentation by Tim Cook, the highly anticipated iPad Mini starts his business career. And while the iPad succeed and sometimes resemble the iPad Mini stands out immediately with its more compact size.

Observers of the Apple brand recall of course that its founder, Steve Jobs, said he was not so long as there was no other good size for a tablet than 10 inches from the first iPad. And yet! That Apple offers us his first “small tablet” format 7.9 inch supposed to compete with the Nexus 7 and other Android tablets a compact 7-inch format.

Presented as an iPad “up and down” by the communication from Apple, this iPad Mini you it has everything a great?


Not content with being more compact than the iPad, the iPad Mini inaugurates a new design in close enough mind of the recent iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation. It is the rest declined in two colors: black or silvery white slate. The camera body is made of an aluminum unibody and if its smoothness impressive, just 7.2mm thick, there is the same work of aluminum on the screen bevel with the iPhone 5. These are beveled and polished to a mirror effect rendering. Lovers of figures will hold the iPad Mini is 23% thinner and 53% lighter than conventional iPad.

So light, only 304 grams on our scales, and can be bound to a single (large) hand, the iPad Mini yet gives a clear sense of robustness. The screen 7.9 inches here occupies the majority of the available space, the edges being on either side of the extremely fine screen. Moreover as the iPad Mini is set to be held in one hand with your thumb resting on the screen it is worth clarifying that Apple has included this detail so that your thumb does not start by mistake applications on the iOS 6.0 home screen.

Like its big brother, the iPad Mini has volume control buttons on the edge, a soft lock button, a Start button on the top, and the inevitable center button below the ‘screen. The speakers are distinguished by two separate sets of perforated openings at the base of the iPad Mini, in the same spirit as the iPhone 5 and, for the first time on an iPad, they deliver stereo sound. A mini-jack connector is of course on top of the tablet.

Left the third-generation iPad, the iPad Mini right

A 7.9-inch screen

Before we dwell on the technical characteristics of the iPad Mini, back on the screen. On a diagonal of 7.9 inches, it adopts a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. So naturally after having praised the Retina display on the third-generation iPad, critics will remember that the iPad Mini has no Retina display. This is true and in the future is certainly room for improvement for this tablet. Meanwhile, we must not lose sight of two things: resolution of 1024×768 pixels is the same as the iPad and iPad 2. In fact, the entire iPad applications developed to date operates natively on the iPad Mini without requiring specific update. Casually, it therefore enjoys a software library of 275,000 titles … The other point, not least is that where 1024×768 pixels of an iPad were fair, with a clear pitch, the reduction of the diagonal of the constant resolution display reduces thereby lacking. The fact remains that the density of pixels per inch is 163ppi for the iPad Mini against 216ppi for the recent Kindle Fire HD or the Nexus 7 and it shows.

On the left, the iPad Mini and its 1024×768 resolution, right the third-generation iPad with a Retina display 2048×1536 pixels

Mention two other annoying points: the first concerns the video playback. Here the iPad Mini is not able to display in their full resolution HD movies in 720p … this is a limitation partially offset by adaptive iTunes diffusion of technology for streaming movies. Still, for films from other sources that may be regrettable. Another pitfall: that the iPad Mini has a non-Retina display, apps you download will have for most of Retina graphics and we know the effect this has on the storage space, the Retina applications tend to take their ease.

Displaying the same web page: third-generation iPad, iPad Mini and Kindle Fire HD

The technical features

To animate the iPad Mini, Apple holds a double heart-A5 processor, the same as the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. In fact the iPad Mini is worse off on paper than the third generation iPad or the new iPad Retina, this one with a A6X processor evolution of the A6 in the iPhone 5. Apple offers only 512 MB of RAM with his processor while the device naturally embeds radio interfaces standard. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi this is changing significantly since Apple offers a Wi-Fi system operating at 150 Mbps, 75 Mbps against the iPad third generation, for example.

Furthermore, the Apple brand iPad Mini declines in cell version with a French model which, unlike the one sold on US soil does not support 4G. But really fault network deployed in France …

And to check out the new iPad Mini Lightning connector that replaces the venerable 30-pin dock connector. Regarding the battery, Apple officially refers to 10 hours of autonomy while the AC adapter included with the tablet is identical to the iPhone. This is a model 5 Watts unlike the iPad that benefit from a model 10 or 12 Watts. Recharge time seems to suffer: we thought it was so long that we ended up catching an iPad charger “standard” during our test.

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