Jolicloud redraw its strategy with a platform next

The team of Jolicloud announces the upcoming launch of a new version of its hosted system

Founded by the French Tariq Krim, founder of Netvibes formerly, Jolicloud was initially presented in the form of an articulated system on Ubuntu and combining web applications to locally installed software. Jolicloud target the least efficient machines and netbooks. The system was adopted by 600,000 users.

Without too much detail, the team explains floor this summer on a new platform that this time seems largely focused on the use of web services. On the official blog of the young shoot is well explained, “we decided to reinvent Jolicloud so you can access all of your” cloud “.” In other words, rather than presenting an application launcher, Jolicloud aims to be an entry point for the consultation of updates on each of the web services used by Internet users, an idea that is reminiscent raw ambitions … Netvibes.

The company wants to deploy its platefome on PC but also on smartphones, on tablets “and just about any device connected through our API.” Joli OS for its part was published as open source.

The new platform is deployed in private beta. Note that for it to register beforehand will choose to authenticate on one or more web services … without knowing precisely how JoliCloud to integrate its platform. Interested users can visit this page.

Edited on 12/07/2012 at 9:52

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