Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 “: a beautiful tablet centered on Amazon

Following the success of its previous Kindle Fire, Amazon does it again with the Kindle Fire HDX, a new tablet that obviously put on the contents of the online merchant and including books and music. With a highly personalized Android derivative, and an app store house, the giant of the sale it can compete with its more generalist competitors? Its new tablet has some advantages for that …

A refined design

Amazon put on an interesting format for its large format tablet 8.9 inches, right between the iPad Mini and iPad Air. The display in 16:10 format is a good compromise between the 4: 3 iPad and 16: 9 too cramped in portrait mode for most Android tablets.

But what especially strikes the first contact with the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 inches, is its weight! It’s simple, we never saw a “large format” tablet as light and therefore comfortable to hold in one hand. This was precisely the flaw that could address the previous Kindle Fire, which is rather annoying for so focused on reading tablet. little we lose about 200 grams compared to the previous version, and it shows!

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It also earns much finesse, losing in passing rounded lines in favor of a more angular back, but always covered with a “soft touch” material. However, the stereo speakers are not surrounded by metal, but of shiny plastic attracting fingerprints: less class!

Amazon accompanies the release of the Kindle Fire HDX a new Origami cover. The name aptly describes the accessory: the cover folds to foot office finally if we can find the direction of folding, not obvious from the first move. The angle is well suited to playing like the video, and we also appreciate the magnetized fixing the tablet which enables easy removal. However, the cover doubles the weight of the whole, and the leather version will cost you 69 euros anyway!

Components to the top

The Kindle Fire HDX, Amazon integrates its heart a safe bet: the Snapdragon Qualcomm 800. The quad-core chip at 2.3 GHz is already used in many high-end smartphones and some tablets like the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Samsung. The chip is more efficient, especially its graphics, the Adreno 330 GPU is one of the best mobile of the moment. The testing of the chip and its graphic part confirm this: the Kindle Fire HDX is a little worse than iPad Air but still gets good or very good results Note that we could not run Geekbench 3 , it was not available on the Amazon App Shop at test time.

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Amazon did not skimp on the quality of the screen: the LCD IPS panel of 8.9 inches is just beautiful. With a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels, the display of the HDX features a pixel density rarely seen on a tablet than the iPad Air, Nexus 10 and even the iPad mini Retina. The colors are faithful and contrasting, impeccable viewing angles: there is simply nothing to say on that screen!

The tablet is available in 16, 32 or 64 GB, with decent levels of between 50 euros each capacity, and include 2GB of RAM. No Micro SD slot, however. Side wireless classic: Wi-Fi b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0, but no GPS chip.

Autonomy was the highlight of the Kindle Fire HD, and we can say that the HDX, equipped with a battery of 4600 mAh, is also doing with honors. On our test video autonomy, it certainly is a little worse than iPad Air, a Surface 2 or Asus T100, but it nevertheless proves enduring with just over 7 hours of HD streaming with bottom screen, its 50% and Wi-Fi enabled.

tablet picture capture fans will find a camera 8 megapixel / 1080p on the back, complete with a 720p webcam on the front. And in practice, what happens? For a tablet, the result is correct, with detailed images, although quite noisy and fairly faithful rendering colors.