Kymera: A magic wand for your TV

Have you ever dreamed to control your TV with a magic wand? Have you ever felt the soul of a magician? If these issues affect your sensitivity, TheWandCompany has a solution for you. A real “magic wand” that will allow you to direct your email as a wizard of modern times.

Overview This original product comes in a case in the aspect of “crocodile skin” case whose interior is covered with a beautiful red fabric pattern of dragons. The magic ends here: Kymera this is actually a universal remote to the original form. Baguette, with a length of 35 centimeters, is covered in plastic, and consists of 3 distinct parts: the handle, a sparingly adorned intermediate portion, and finally the end of the stick.

At first, the present well Kymera

The latter uses 2 AA batteries, which must be introduced through the end of the handle, which can be unscrewed. This rod has no button of any kind. Change the batteries will be the only direct interaction you will have with the stick.

No visible button. Only possible interaction: Batteries

A real fake wand How suddenly she can control your equipment? This wand actually has an accelerometer to sense movement of a vibrator power equivalent to that of a mobile phone, and an infrared transmitter placed at the end of instrument to transmit the commands. According to the manufacturer, all devices using an infrared remote control is compatible with the stick (like a stereo, iPod dock, Blu-ray player or TV).

However, those operating according to standard RF (radio frequency) and the Bang & Olufsen brand appliances (which operate over a range of different infrared frequency) are not compatible. At the scope of the wand is equivalent, in our view, a conventional remote control.

The plastic look is not the most beautiful effect

The Kymera, a movement history

The movements are explained in the manual The accelerometer and firmware included in this remote control allows a total of 13 different movements, each being associated with a function. For example you can move the cue tip in 4 directions (like up, down etc.), forward or rewind the wand with a snap, tap the intermediate zone, etc. These movements are detailed and explained in the instructions accompanying the wand (provided in English and French). Video demonstrations are also available on the official website of the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, the limitations of this tool for the least original quickly obvious. Firstly, it remains difficult to control completely if only your TV with only 13 available functions. Especially here it is impossible to create sequences of movements or macros, that would have to expand a little the possibilities of the tool.

On the other hand, it is also impossible to associate this remote to multiple devices, no button is provided to switch from one device to another as do some universal remotes.

Apart from these considerations, what impressions we leave that wand? Let’s talk first step Association. To perform this operation is to “train” your wand the operation of your equipment, we must take the Kymera head up and patting 2 times the intermediate part to enable the learning mode. Then you must realize the movement you want to associate the intended function. The wand starts to vibrate, and it’ll just point it at the remote by pressing the button of the function you want to join the movement.

Once this is done, simply hold the stick down and tapping the central portion to exit the learning mode. You can then reproduce the movement that you just saved in the wand to get the result. A simple operation on the whole, and in general, if the move is made, everything happens for the best. And so is of importance.

The vibrator includes the wand goes into action if your movement has been performed correctly. Otherwise, nothing happens, or the stick performs a movement other than that you are trying to perform. And the problem is that unfortunately it is often the way it happens! The grip is quite daunting the first time and with the same hand, it is not always easy, it really mark the movement.

We met some problems for some buttons associated to the stick, not counting the many tests for everything to work correctly. Similarly, it must apply for the corresponding movements to perform desired actions .. If you try to do it carelessly and / or too fast, you usually get the opposite effect of what you want. For ease of use, this is not necessarily what is more convenient.

Note also that the baton has no “off” button. once so avoid to keep control of your action performed, because it will continue to capture your movement and send signals to the TV. If you have kids and want to watch TV quietly, do not let it hang!

Conclusion Kymera is an object that has a high potential for sympathy. This is what will push most of you to buy it. Use friends or with children (especially with children), it may give some nice times.

By cons once the magic of discovery evaporated, there remains only the cruel lack of opportunities, limited to only 13 functions and perfect concentration and necessary for its good handling performance. In most cases, only the children could continue to daily use the wand without formalize these disadvantages.

In the end, we always prefer to go back to the good old remote to its most convenient and conventional use. Which is strange for a gadget price (57.50 euros on the official website) a Logitech Harmony 600 will fill the best homework.

Most remote Kymera Magic + + side Finishing and packaging Less – The price – Lack of opportunities – Lack of daily comfort 2 Usability Features Flexibility

Kymera Magic Wand Universal Remote – WRC10209

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