Like Snapchat, Facebook offers video filters and photo to use live

Facebook takes advantage of the Olympics to try out new features that are reminiscent of his competitor Snapchat.

Facebook wants to compete with Snapchat at best, very popular with young people. The social network thus attempts to apply the same strategy as his competitor: welcome the user directly to a view of his camera to push him to take a photo, video … To create content, in short. Video is seen as the future of the company, as we proved earlier determination Facebook to monetize Facebook Live.

The similarity does not end here, because this is also an opportunity for the company to promote the purchase of MSQRD integrating its dynamic filters. Those who already see filtered send pictures to their friends must wait, however: the function test is only available in some countries. Facebook users on iOS and Android in Canada will therefore see their face directly in the application, as well as iOS users in Brazil.

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The sharing of personal content

According to a senior Facebook, our way of sharing has changed since the release of the social network 12 years ago. At the time, the messages were kings. Today the picture, and to a lesser extent video, has become the favorite way to share content. The purpose of Facebook is to simplify as much as possible the sharing of multimedia data, and encourage users to stay as long as possible on the newsfeed, where advertisers are also present.