Livebox Play, Joyn, NFC: Orange news photos and videos

As announced, eLaptopComputer was this morning at the Orange event, called “Hello! The innovations do their show. ” We bring back six videos to deepen somewhat ads.

The incumbent has actually formalized a total of “eight major innovations,” but the one man show of its CEO St├ęphane Richard lasted only 40 minutes and only allowed to fly over.

After the speech, the 700 guests were fortunately able to access the reconstruction of a city in which Orange was holding demonstrations of its new and future products and services.

Livebox Play

The demonstration of the new Livebox was cut by customs. We initially discovered the modem router (Livebox Play housing) and the integration of social networks decoder (Livebox Play TV), the opportunity to discover the interface, and finally we got a glimpse native video games.

Mobile payment

Orange also gave the kickoff of the large-scale deployment of NFC, this wireless communication standard that enables short-range payment or identification securely.

We have already discovered NFC applications in the transport sector at the World Motor Show, this time we therefore investigated the payment, as it will happen soon in shops.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) and joyn

In the longer term, Orange has finally announced the deployment schedule of the Rich Communication Services standard, under the trade name joyn. The opportunity to discover what will bring this standard with respect to calls and SMS that pass today by the old standard GSM.