Livebox Play: the test

Launched on November 21 with great pomp by Orange during his “Hello Show” Livebox Play was long overdue. Originally scheduled for April 2012, is finally on February 7 out what the third generation of the box of Orange.

The operator therefore finally evolve its cases to a new generation, in the image of what has been achieved competitors earlier. SFR had drawn the first with Neufbox Evolution in fall 2010, followed closely by Free with the Freebox Revolution in January 2011, two years ago now. It will then not until 2012 that Bouygues Telecom and Numericable mingle with the party with the Bbox Sensation and INPO.

All competitors of Orange therefore proposed before their cases, even well before the operator so its Livebox Play. A problem for Orange? Not really if one refers to the number of subscribers, which now is approaching ten million. But the arrival of SFR and Free Offers, end 2010 – 2011 start and exit of Bbox Sensation and IREL, combined with the birth of Free Mobile (which spawned a very important ADSL recruitment Iliad) has gradually eroded Orange’s market share in ADSL. 46.4% end of 2010, the operator has increased to 45.7% in 2011, and about 44.4% in the third quarter of 2012. A recruitment shortfall which, if nothing catastrophic, would generate a reaction from the market leader.

It is in this context and approach televisions and connected services like Google TV launched its Orange Livebox Play. One, or rather two housings supposed catch up and even exceed the competition, since according to the CEO of Orange, St├ęphane Richard, it would be “the most sophisticated and powerful box market.” After several years of development, a delay of several months and an estimated investment of 120 million euros, Orange is it able to offer an attractive package and consolidate its subscriber base? The response in this test.