Logitech MX Anywhere 2 mobile mouse par excellence?

In the spring, in the month of March, launched the Logitech MX Master, its new high-end mouse to Mac and PC. A small revolution for the brand which had not renewed its flagship for over six long years! The summer was an opportunity to see its natural bloom downward: MX Anywhere 2.

While the Master MX is thought primarily for office, he had a good mobile declination. This is done with the MX Anywhere 2 replaces the fire Anywhere Mouse MX with a whole lot of new features, including the arrival of Bluetooth. A must-have to accompany your tablet or ultra-portable?


With the Master MX, Logitech (see Logitech MX Master: the return of the high-end mice) had convinced us design issue with a field mouse in the new format. Unlike its big brother, the MX Anywhere 2 does not innovate at all in terms of format, but this is not necessarily bad, far from it.

In fact, the MX Anywhere 2 takes almost every feature the body of the previous model, the Anywhere Mouse MX. The mouse is very compact and collected, in addition to being ambidextrous. The regulars of the old design will be ground quite known. With four pads, the mouse is comfortable to use while the left side has a very slight bump which provides better grip for right, while offering two buttons “previous” and “next”. This does not affect its usability by a lefty.