Logitech MX Master: the return of the high-end mouse

That was a long time that Logitech had not launched a new mouse premium to our old computers. The Swissie brand repair this gap and today unveils the Master MX Wireless Mouse. A mouse that happens almost six years after the Performance Mouse MX. Once is not custom, the Master MX is not aimed at gamers.

Six years after the Performance Mouse MX, dated last flagship of Logitech, what can we expect from this Master MX? A new design of course, ergonomics and revised, some new developments in wheel, an optical sensor that always works on glass and, above all, a dual radio connection. This is indeed the flagship innovation of this product is its ability to work as well using a radio transmission standard wireless Bluetooth that connecting to your computer (Mac or PC).

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Positioned as the new flagship of the range Logitech, Cordless Mouse MX Master wants to be more sober than ever. She is of dark color and looks more angular in form than in the past. Logitech also updates the template for his Master MX more comfortable, ergonomic some would say, for the user right-handed … … who will capture. The brand also shows that design was designed, rather, hand carved by its engineers during the design phase.

Highest, Master MX provides a surface that proves comfortable enough to support the palm of your hand while the thumb naturally finds its place in a recess worked as coating for aesthetic purposes than to provide a pleasant grip. Work on material that is found to the little finger on the right side of the mouse, but which, being lighter, much less influence on the grip.

Side materials, Logitech uses rubber to a large part of the surface of the mouse. The hot buttons are for their part in plastic and if we can say without fear that the body is black, it is more difficult to evoke the colors of piping browsing the bottom of the mouse and its left wing. Logitech has indeed opted for a paint that changes color depending on the lighting: champagne for some … meteorite for more!

Level buttons, the Master MX is equipped with the traditional left and right clicks, a central wheel, a mode change button, the previous and next buttons, a scroll wheel that the thumb can control and a clickable button concealed in the thumb rest area.

By returning the mouse, we discover four Teflon pads, two waves traveling across the surface as well as the optical sensor, and a set of buttons controlling the radio (on / off button, button “Connect” and a number button 1 / 2/3).

The peculiarity of this Master MX is the lack of access to integrated lithium-ion battery. It is not removable. The battery is recharged via micro-USB connector present on the front: if Logitech book a USB cable, the brand is still deadlocked on any reload shoe. Pity. In return, Logitech said its mouse loads very quickly: one minute charge gives two hours of battery life while a full charge provides 40 days.