Maporama: test and review

Good first impression on this site: the interface is simple to use and little traffic through advertising. The geographical coverage is also one of the most important for all countries in the world are listed. But beware, Maporama can perform a routing for only about sixty countries in Europe, America and Africa! Ditto for accuracy, it is different from one country to another.

clear display

Maporama is an easy website to learn and establish a route is a great facility. The display detailed and relatively accurate path is established into three parts: General map showing the base connected to that of arrival, a box summarizing the information entered and the details of the route.

This developed as a dropdown list shows the directions to follow through “signs” announcing that the city is crossed or one to go. This indication is supported by signs and descriptive street by street timed. A mini map can also be displayed as a thumbnail.

Roadmap MP3

Maporama offers other tools available to users as traffic information, exclusively for the Parisians, in version “evaluation”. TrafficFirst provided by the data traffic are divided into geographical quarter to Paris and also to the rest of the Île-de-France. The site also provided access cards at many international airports.

But the real feature of this site is to provide the ability to export routes as MP3 files. This will follow by a player or a compatible car radio the route of his choice, without leaving the eyes of the road. Currently in beta, it was difficult to assess what kind of another navigation system.