Marantz DV-6600: Test and Review

The merger between the two Japanese giants Denon and Marantz is noticeable in products, notably in DVD players. After the similarity between the DVD-A1XV Denon and Marantz DV-9600, the DV6600 has a family resemblance to the Denon DVD-1920. Except that the latest addition to the Marantz opts DivX compatibility.

For less than five hundred euros, dowry accompanying the DV-6600 is more than generous. The range of formats supported is almost complete range of audio CD audio and DVD Super Audio CD. The compressed digital audio standards are also scheduled with MP3 and Windows Media Audio. The image benefits from playing JPEG photos and DivX and XviD videos, etc.

It can play almost any rewritable discs burned or digested by the mechanics of good quality qu’embarque this player. We would have liked more swift, the ejection of the drawer until the track jump. But it remains the Marantz, taking his time to do things the best way.

The front of the player is very diverse, from all brushed aluminum gray or black plastic imitation of a proper quality via a dark plexiglass plate. Strange and far from unanimous, this aesthetic is at least convenient, with five navigation keys under the tray, a big power-lifter and a touch of direct activation of the HDMI output with the choice of resolution (standard, 720p or 1080i). The fluorescent display rickety presents nothing more than the hours, minutes and seconds elapsed. A chapter number or title would have been the bare minimum. Finally, note that the Audio EX function simply corresponds to Pure Audio from other manufacturers. It is also possible to disable the video and digital circuits that are not useful when DVD Audio and SACD playback.

functional faults or taste have not found their place on the back of lightweight steel chassis. All audio outputs are there: 5.1 configurable analog to wish or any other combination, digital optical and electric lining, commonly known as coaxial. Five outputs are dedicated to Image: Composite, S-Video, SCART RGB, YUV component and digital HDMI version 1.1. Recall that this first revision of the universal audio video transmission standard adds the transport of DVD Audio MLP flow. If your system is composed entirely of electronic Marantz D-Bus support input / output allows the chaining and control devices as well as a relay IR signals between devices.

The supplied remote control, produced by Philips, is a model of ergonomics that many competitors should look to replace their nasty zappers. playback control buttons fall under the thumb positioned and cut differently in order to be saved instantly. Under the navigation cross surrounded by four standard buttons (menu, title, configuration and return), we find the change of angle, soundtrack or subtitles. Top ejection, power, keypad and key repeat mode or advanced reading. Finally be noted that this long plastic block with soft keys falls well in hand.

Understanding the configuration or the information displayed by the DV-6600 is not rocket science. The menus are easy to understand, with some small icons at the top of the screen, large and readable texts. We rather regret the increasing number of complex parameters such as the YCbCr output mode HDMI and Auto 1 or 2, Video1, 2 or 3 as deinterlacing modes. A bass management (bass management) for advanced analog and some useful options are catching up instantly. A little more responsiveness in the navigation between menus or beach breaks would have been welcome, but at this price, only Pioneer and Samsung offers such machines.

In use, the DV-6600 does not disappoint. His decoding chips are part of the last generation, its audio converters (192 kHz / 24 bit) and video (108 MHz / 12-bit) are sharp and accurate. The result is clean with good detail reproduction. Gradients are relatively sharp without being perfectly smooth, shadows without excessive video noise. The DV-6600 displays respectable performance without falling into the exceptional. Compression algorithms are not accompanied with noise attenuating. It lacks a scaling (high definition) intelligent as the high-end players. If the master disk is not of great quality, the grain of the image emerge. If compression is a little push, the well will be noticeable artifacts square. The image can not be fundamentally criticized, especially in HDMI where you will prevent any loss even on longer, without providing the relief or the depth of field of the high-flying achievements.