MasterCard leads Selfie pay a

Mastercard verified online payments in the future by Selfie.

I m summer 2015 has already tested the function, in a few months, they may be available for all: MasterCard has announced at MWC in Barcelona paying per Selfie. As a safety mechanism, the self-portrait is to act like a digital fingerprint.

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Online payment without password

The Selfie takes the user to a specific app from MasterCard and confirms the transaction. To avoid fraud – by use of an image of the legitimated about -, asks the app the user a blink.

Safety for Generation Selfie

Mastercard tested “Selfie Pay” 2015 in a pilot program with 500 participants. Security chief Ajay Bhalla is sure after the trial period that the “generation Selfie” welcomes the new feature and also uses. The new payment method will start according to the Financial Times initially in 14 countries, including Germany, France and Great Britain.

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People in this country are skeptical

The mobile payment via smartphone and computer clock is among most users in this country continues to be unpopular. Only about one in three (30 percent) paid in this way already without cash as a representative survey of the accounting firm PwC revealed.

Fear of data theft

The majority of Germans brakes especially the fear of theft of sensitive data. nearly nine out of ten Germans (85 percent) see general according to the survey, the risk that mobile payment process data could be hacked and misused. In one part of the population banks, savings banks and credit card companies to bite with their technical innovations entirely on granite: Approximately one fourth (24 percent) says he’ll pay principle rather with cash and will continue to do so. (With material of dpa.)

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