Maxdata Eco 4000A: test and review

Finding no doubt that mobile one euro per day for three years are too expensive, Maxdata made even stronger with its Eco 4000A, a model whose base price is among the lowest in the market. Of course, a floor price is necessarily accompanied by certain concessions, either at the component level or ergonomics. However, within the Eco 4000A concessions are priesthood office. CPU on the screen via the battery or the pointing device, everything is done to the economy. In the end, we are left with one riddled with gaps laptop whose price remains almost the only positive argument.

limited performance

For the processor, Maxdata has opted for the entry-level model from AMD, the Sempron. Despite his flattering index (2600+), this processor 1.6GHz does not compare faces a comparable model from Intel 2.6 GHz, that just leaves increase this index. Suffice to say that it will struggle to keep pace imposed by the latest applications, which limits the scope of the Eco 4000A. Especially since the Sempron will be entitled to speak only 256MB of which is swallowed up by the integrated graphics. The latter, a SiS M760, can barely support 2D display for desktop applications or possibly DVD video, although on the latter point, image flow problems on very animated scenes are noticeable.

touchpad annoying

It will become totally overwhelmed by any 3D game, as evidenced by the result obtained in test 3D Mark 2003. The screen itself pales. Certainly, its 15-inch diagonal appears to offer good visual comfort but the resolution is limited to 1024×768 pixels, the colors are pallid and very limited viewing angle. But the worst is the pointing device. This is a “touchpad” sensitive a beautiful aesthetic effect but totally unusable. Too sensitive, it moves the mouse pointer when it is barely touched. Thus, when one enters text keyboard, palms tend to result pointers movements or unwanted clicks, which quickly becomes infuriating. The first urgent if we are to use this notebook in office is to graft an external mouse and disable the “touchpad”.

Positive: connections

Fortunately, the connection possibilities are their rather interesting side. USB, FireWire, PC Card, MemoryStick card slot, nothing is missing, not even the two essential network connections that are Ethernet and Wi-Fi. It is also emphasized that, in operation, the Eco 4000A is rather quiet, even when we activate his DVD / CD burner. However, it was appreciated that the integrated speakers make more noise. The sound level is reduced to subsistence level and they do not support any volume of thrust with great difficulty to reproduce bass frequencies. As for autonomy, it undermines any movement in use in inclination of just over 60 minutes. Maxdata therefore has a strong interest to make some changes on this laptop to interest potential buyers.