Maxtor DiamondMax 80: test and review

The new Maxtor DiamondMax 80 is the hard drive with the largest capacity ever offered to date, all interfaces and sizes combined. True digital warehouse capacity of 81.9 GB and its low cost (about 30 francs GB) are its best assets.

For such a capability, Maxtor took the simplest approach by adding just added a tray to its previous high capacity model, the DiamondMax 60, making a total of four platters and eight heads to serve them.

Apart from the extra tray, 80 is similar to 60. It offers the same density, virtually identical to the high-capacity discs from other manufacturers, with 14.7 GB per square inch. The individual trays can accommodate up to 20.5 GB of data and it rotates at the same speed as its predecessor, 5400 rev / min.

Mean speed

His speed, average, prevents shine in terms of performance. Its high density allows it still offer a similar rate to that of 7200 rev / min. In contrast, higher latency imposed by its slower speed made him lose the advantage when you need quick access to data.

The DiamondMax 80 is like any other Maxtor, with the same packaging, same accessories (comes with a cable ATA / 66-100) and MaxBlast configuration software.

As is the case with all over 8GB hard disks, you will need to update your BIOS if you have an older PC. The standard partition software FDISK of Windows 95/98 you report an incorrect disk capacity, because of its known limit to 64 GB. The system therefore requires plugging the disk and run MaxBlast, possibly using the ” partition-cloning “(partition cloning) if you replace your old drive by the DiamondMax.

The DiamondMax 80 is accompanied by a one year warranty, and the only question that remains unresolved, this is when Maxtor will add a fifth tray and cross the symbolic threshold of 3 digit capacity.

Winn L. Rosch, ZDNet USA – Translation Evocati

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