McAfee SpamKiller 2005 test and review

There was a time SpamKiller McAfee was the most reliable weapon in our arsenal. This is no longer the case today. Installation and unsatisfactory performance, annoying technical problems make this software a poor choice: we prefer MailFrontier Desktop.

Install SpamKiller also returns to set up the Security Center component that displays a second window on the desktop. Certainly it occasionally warns of a security problem, but its purpose is primarily to promote McAfee products. This year we could not remove the Security Center without also uninstall SpamKiller, so be aware that if you choose to install the product, you are condemned to accept this second component.

SpamKiller creates its own email accounts for your existing customers and addresses, this means that mail is filtered by another system before reaching your inbox. This process deserves another except that SpamKiller found on our test machine obsolete information about an email account that we then had to correct. In addition, to complete the installation, you must open the e-mail software and manually change the POP server settings so that it uses the accounts to SpamKiller, not yours. The whole procedure is very complicated especially when it is intended for beginners!

Unlike Norton AntiSpam 2005 to MailFrontier, SpamKiller does not really integrate with the most common mail clients. It certainly creates a toolbar in Outlook or Outlook Express, but for example, click on the preview button of the blocked mail leads to a separate McAfee application where you can examine and retrieve messages intercepted by mistake. And you must wait until the next download of mail to actually find these valid messages. It is an approach qu’√©vitent competing software.

A rather elegant summary shows the number

of undesirable mails that have been blocked. Unfortunately SpamKiller also installs Security Center, which frequently appears

in the notification area, boasting of windows

in scarcely veiled terms, the merits

other McAfee products.

In our informal tests, McAfee has trapped about 80% of spam but also 15% of legitimate mail, which is a fairly average result. Norton AntiSpam and MailFrontier do best in all cases.

McAfee offers however some features not available from its main competitors. You can eg edit its filters described in text and even add your own filters. And as always, you have the opportunity to hunt spammers by sending notes to their service providers, but unfortunately most of these addresses spam generators are false, your claims are unlikely to succeed.

McAfee offers two free support options: via phone and chat. Note that for a chat assistance, you must turn off the option that blocks pop-up browser. Thus we received pop a window that looked like a McAfee security alert but was actually an advertisement for the SecureIE software Winferno! We believe that this view imposed ups, is unacceptable.