Meizu MX4: launch in France of an attractive Chinese high-end smartphone

Meizu announced this morning MX4 marketing in France, three weeks after its formalization in China.

Meizu has confirmed its international ambitions. First smartphone of this popular brand to have been officially released in France, the Meizu MX3 had been marketed abroad than six months after its launch in China. The MX4 meanwhile will have expected a little more than a month.

A high-end smartphone at € 300

The Meizu MX4 will actually be offered for pre-order starting September 29 in France, at Rue du Commerce, the following public prices

16 GB to 300 euros

32 GB to 350 euros

64 GB to 400 euros

The new model will be significantly cheaper than it supplants, launched in 450, 500 and 550 euros, and therefore offer a price / performance worthy of a Google Nexus.

A data sheet flawless

Compared to MX3, the Meizu MX4? more openly inspired by the latest iPhone? will mainly support 4G, Category 6 in this case (maximum throughput of 225 Mb / s). Unlike its predecessor, so it will be a real alternative high-end, flawless, the flagships of the major brands.

Will not go back on all of its specifications, detailed in its formalization in China, but we recall that boasts a magnesium alloy shell, which has a large Full HD IPS screen thin edges and the same Sony sensor of 20.7 million pixels than the Sony Xperia Z series, which are among the best photo.

Hopefully the international momentum to Meizu motivate other expected Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi, to distribute their products directly in the West.

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