Messenger, SMS application from Google, can now show the SMS pop-up

Messenger, the SMS application of Google, has been updated in the Play Store. This version 1.3 introduced a long-awaited feature: the ability to view text messages and respond without having to open the application.

This feature, already present in many third-party applications for SMS, is called in Messenger QuickMessage and is not activated automatically. It is necessary to go to the application settings to use. Specifically, QuickMessage to view and respond to incoming SMS overlay, pop-up, without having to open the application. Once the pop-up appeared, it is possible to respond to or close the window to return to the application by a pat. The feature is still quite limited for now, it is for example not possible to display previously received messages in pop-up, or just meet with emoji.

Messenger version 1.3 also introduces a new Widget for pinning a conversation with a particular contact on its launcher. For the occasion, it is possible to scroll in the conversation and send a message without opening the application.

Images from the center and right, the new widget, allowing a conversation to pin on the desktop.

The new version of Messenger is available on the Play Store and should be updated automatically to those who have already installed on their phones. For the impatient, our colleagues Android Police have posted the ficher.apk that can be downloaded at this address.


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