Microsoft adds security to its web applications

Microsoft introduced new security measures for its user accounts.

In June, we learned that Microsoft wanted to update the user interface of its online applications, including Hotmail, SkyDrive, calendar or address book. It seems that the editor of Redmond has already made this update, at least for the login screen prompting users to enter their login name and password.

Besides this cosmetic update, Microsoft introduced new security measures. This month, multiple attacks were seen putting safety evil of thousands of Internet users. One of the Yahoo! database contained 55,148 such accounts based on, 6395 on, on 4313, 2028 and 367 on on Microsoft explained that password combinations / password posted by hackers on the Internet are correct in general 20%. The Redmond company promised the introduction of new measures and this is in the deployment phase.

The new Microsoft account login screen – formerly known as Windows Live name – now forces the user whose password considered too low to set up another one much more secure. On at least 8 characters it must contain at least two uppercase letters, two lowercase letters, numbers 2 and 2 symbols. Also note that the password can not contain the identifier of their email address.

The question is whether this measure, together with sessions protected by HTTPS and the opportunity to generate additional code by SMS will further protect the accounts of users. Maybe one day the 123456 password will no longer be as popular …

Edited on 23/07/2012 at 17:20

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