Microsoft has already spent $ 5.5 billion on Bing

In the market for search engines, Microsoft is trying tirelessly to affirm Bing face his eternal rival Google. For some, the race is truly lost in advance.

In May 2009, through a promotional campaign estimated 80 to 100 million, the Bing search engine, succeeding Live Search, was launched by Steve Ballmer. From the start, the Redmond wanted to differentiate its engine positioning it as real decision tool allowing users to make choices covering both travel a film released in theaters. Logically, Bing has integrated more community features because, as Microsoft points out, 90% of Internet users become aware advice of their relatives before making a decision.

Despite these efforts, some, like CNN Money, believe that Bing is a real money pit. Since the creation of the Online Services division by Microsoft, it would have lost a total of $ 9 billion. The past two years, the publisher would thus have spent $ 5.5 billion on its search engine, which now would display nearly a billion of losses per quarter.

If the overall market share of Bing is gradually increasing, it would be only 3.58% according StatsCounter or 4% depending Netmarketshare. According to figures from Comscore reported by CNN, Bing holds 14.7% of the US market. However, Google remains far ahead and for now, Bing will eventually encroach on the market of its Yahoo! partner for its share Microsoft estimates that American audiences Bing and Yahoo! combined reach 30%, that is, ie a sufficient amount to attract more advertising.