Microsoft Internet Explorer may rename to restore its image

To better get back into competition in the browser market, Microsoft Internet Explorer to rename dream. It still suffers from a poor image.

Within the Web developer community, the term “Internet Explorer” can often cringe. According to the Redmond company, if that reaction was justified in the past, the mentality must change. And the most radical way to do this is still completely change the name of the software.

When Internet Explorer still had over 90% market share, Microsoft is embarking owners various mechanisms and technologies far from today’s standards. Web developers were thus forced to optimize their websites. The proliferation of renderers – WebKit, Gecko – and the growing popularity of alternative browsers on various types of devices, however, have changed the situation and the Redmond company has set the time standard. IE11 and supports the latest technologies such as WebGL, hardware acceleration, full screen mode via HTML5 or the SPDY protocol, but then how to forget once and for all through IE6, IE7 or IE8?

On the occasion of a session of questions and answers organized on Reddit, the Internet Explorer team has agreed to answer questions from users. Regarding the abandonment of the mark “Internet Explorer”, Jonathan Sampson, product manager at Microsoft, says