Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader test and review

You feel deliver a losing battle with your list increasingly long usernames and passwords for websites? If you’re tired of having to give websites the make and model of your first car or the name of your pet so that they send you e-mail the information on your account, Microsoft keyboard that you. Instead of having to constantly search your passwords, you will have them at your fingertips.

The Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader is set keyboard and mouse easy to set without wire. It can be used almost immediately, provided that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser. The software performs four scans your finger (any will do), then you are ready to connect fingerprint to your favorite sites. We visited Hotmail and Gmail services on both sites login screens, we left the keyboard scan stuck our fingerprint (left index). A small window is open, we asked our username and our password and let us choose between the options or Submit entry (eg, the software recognized the Do not ask for my password password for two weeks of Gmail).

In our subsequent visits to those sites, it was enough to submit our fingerprint, which was quickly recognized (approximately one second) for Internet Explorer gives us access to our inbox. Unfortunately, we have not been as successful with other browsers, such as Netscape or Mozilla’s Firefox. The only site we have reached us connect using a Windows login window. However, for users of Internet Explorer, the Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader is a great tool that relegates password problems to oblivion.

The keyboard features the standard shortcut keys and multimedia range, besides the fingerprint scanner, located on the left side. The included mouse, the Wireless Optical 2.0 Microsoft requires two AA batteries and will satisfy most users, however we may regret the absence of a side button for the thumb and the additional features that come with it.