Microsoft updates Office Online and publishes apps in the Chrome Web Store

Microsoft announced the deployment of a new update to its online office suite Office Online.

Last updated online applications Microsoft dated January. These are dotaient a whole new user interface. Subsequently, these renaming Microsoft Office Web Apps in Office Online and made them available through Each application is also accessible via the joint tape with the services of On its official blog, the team said it had implemented new functionality for each application: Online Word, Excel and PowerPoint Online Online.

The Excel Calculation Manager Online maximizes compatibility with VBA for documents with macros. We also find the stock engine Tell me to learn about the various possibilities of application. The latter was previously introduced in Word Online. Besides the ability to hide columns and rows, Microsoft introduced the ToGo shortcut (CTRL + G) to rapidly obtain the value of a cell. Finally each of them will be able to receive a response, which can then be deleted or edited.

The Word Online editor also offers a better management reviews but also paintings. Lists are also better managed with an automatic detection mechanism. Customers will be able to insert headers and footers or export their PDF documents via print options.

For its part, the presentation tool PowerPoint Online would show better performance, particularly in terms of playing videos inserted. The edit mode would provide a more realistic picture of the final version and we find the Wizard Tell Me.

Finally, for its part, OneNote is now equips printing features. Microsoft took the opportunity to publish shortcuts in the Chrome Web Store to each application.

Edited on 04/14/2014 at 7:23 p.m.

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