MindRDR, software for controlling the Google Glass in thought

For now, the Google Glass can be controlled by voice or touch. The MindRDR app goes much further since it allows to control the connected Google Goggles with the thought! No magic is used to achieve this and the software actually makes the connection between Google Glass and NeuroSky MindWave headset that will measure the signals from your brain.

Google Glass become a product that little bit more special with the intervention of the MindRDR application to control them … thinking! Yes you read correctly, there is no need to talk to their glasses or touch tactile part to interact with Google Glass. To buy its Google Glass with the thought, we must MindRDR open source application, but also the MindWave Mobile headset developed by NeuroSky society. When you see the look of the helmet, we said we will be even more ridiculous in the street. Glass is already badly perceived in certain public places, so if more must don a helmet straight out of science fiction films, one is sure to get noticed …

But some people could be seduced by this operation. We can think particularly the disabled who can not interact with Google Glass by voice or touch. For now, MindRDR is only compatible with the camera of Google Glass. We can take a picture by thinking and then upload it directly on a social network. The company reported that the application is open source so other developers come to give a hand to allow to expand the functionality of catalog available by thought.

A proven technology

The computer control through the brain rhythm is used for several years and particularly in the gaming area for individuals. The technique works more or less well. On relatively simple actions like here to take a picture, piloting through thought possible. However, when the application can control many functions of Google Glass, it will be tricky to calibrate the helmet he managed to distinguish between different brain waves.