Mini Coyote Plus test and review

Compact as a matchbox, the Mini Coyote Plus does not clutter the dashboard and even if its power cable comes to pop, it is possible to use wireless with its battery.

Simple to use, it is ready to operate when turned on, after catching GPS signals. But the task is completed quickly, even behind the thermal windshield of our test car.

The color screen allows to distinguish the displayed information but it is too sensitive to glare and lack of light can be annoying in sunny weather. It also regrets the lack of clarity of some display pictograms.

The Mini Coyote is a connected radar warner. That is to say, automatically download new speed cameras and their number is also shown on each startup. It also receives, in real time, the locations of mobile speed cameras reported by other service users. A real advantage we have seen on our itinerary since a mobile control to be reported. And actually, we did find two policemen this place. Certainly they were conducting a routine check, not speed but it demonstrates the seriousness of other users.

When it comes to a fixed radar, Coyote shows the current speed limit and, if necessary, sounds until the user goes under the speed limit. Very effective. The Plus version also offers assistance (with a free 24-month subscription). But beware, this service simply to connect the driver with an operator only as part of a failure and it is not available in the evenings, Sundays and public holidays. This “more” is far from replacing audience services on embedded systems, accessible permanece and managing emergency assistance (injury, accident ..)

May ultimately it Mini Coyote Plus is a real effectiveness is unparalleled which clearly justifies its monthly subscription (12 euros per month).