Misfit Shine Announces 2: the same in lighter and more colorful

A year and a half after the release and marketing of Shine Misfit announces its successor: the Shine 2. A very similar activity tracker to its predecessor in terms of usage, but slightly modified design.

For his second tracker activities, Misfit did not really take any risks. Shine 2, since that’s his name, again in broad design of its predecessor. So it is always a round tracker, which can both wear the wrist via a rubber bracelet, or any clothing and footwear through various teasers systems.

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The design differences are subtle. Shine 2 is slightly lighter than its big brother (against 8.5 grams 9.4 grams) and embeds color LED especially as the previous model merely white. Shine 2 is waterproof (up to 50 meters according to the manufacturer) and always loads a battery that allows it to last about 6 months. An advantage according Misfit, as there is no recharge regularly.

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In everyday life, the Shine 2 will have more or less the same functionality of the tracking Shine 1. It can therefore measure the number of steps taken during the day, estimate the number of hours spent sleeping and judge the quality of sleep, but also, and this is a new feature, vibrate at certain times of the day to signify to the user that is at his PC without moving for too long.

Misfit should also use new LED colors of the bracelet to indicate specifically where the user is in its objectives. The new vibrator Shine 2 will also be used to wake up in the morning and then the accelerometer and the magnetometer 3 axes should be much more accurate tracker for its activities. Shine Unlike last year, the Shine 2 uses the Blutooth 4.1, which should make the most accurate and responsive when communicating with the smartphone.

Last, Misfit claims to have greatly improved the capacitive button Shine 2. tapes is carried out on the sensor surface and should be better taken into account. By touching the sensor, it is possible to see the time, but also to know which one is his goal and even control certain objects connected remotely. For this last feature, it will go through the application Misfit Link.

Shine 2 is already available for sale, at least on the official website of Misfit. The tracker, available in black or pink gold, sold 99 dollars (about 87 euros). Misfit also states that it will be available in other stores and everywhere in the world by next month.