Moov Now, an intelligent fitness coaching bracelet

Moov Now was created by the US start-up Moov, one of the few objects connected designers who wanted to join since its first devices and software for the sport all the skills of machine learning and speech recognition. Discover Moov Now, its new intelligent tracker.

The range of fitness bracelets Moov connected straps wrapped in their airy frame silicone

California-based Moov launching a second version of its strap connected for fitness, after conducting its own crowdfunding campaign without going through traditional platforms like Kickstarter. Last February, the initial Moov bracelet, still imperfect, had raised more than $ 40 000 in 90 minutes! This time, the bracelet is refined and his intellect is at the top, with the capacity to record your sports data and then use them to make you sweat.

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The Moov Now video presentation, the fitness bracelet that coaches you through your data

The principle is simple, Moov Now is mainly a tracker of activity, it calculates calories burned and number of steps. He did not even screen to warn you, because her secret to him is its application. A bit like the latest Jawbone, the Up3 the strap Moov Now saves your data throughout a period, you return them on time.

It’s Meng Li, a co-founder who said: “Tell me the things I have to guide me, tell me what I did wrong and correct my way instead of just tell me how I did not today. ”

The first version of Moov was already able to coach you intelligently, the new monitors now several types of activities: running, swimming, cycling, boxing and fitness sessions. Its design has also been improved, and it is a handheld coach will tell you, tell you if you run too slowly or if you do something wrong. It will offer challenges to achieve (to a number not more, speed …). He will tell you things like “You make an average of 154 steps per minute. We must make minimum 188. ”

All your data is classified historical, retained, reused and wisely through the learning software application. It also monitors sleep and ship sensors that allow it to recognize the movements in three dimensions, as in a boxing training for example. The new version of this fitness wristband designed this time not for the early adopters, but for retailers and brand expects a great success. He is currently on pre-order at $ 59, it will be later sold for 99 dollars.