Moto 360 will offer an energy saving mode

It left for a new update on the Moto 360. While a first upgrade was proposed from the commercialization of shows, a further improvement has been announced by Motorola. The brand is particularly the autonomy of his watch.

It’s on its official blog that Motorola announced the deployment of a new software update of his watch. It is not yet reached on all copies – one we have on our side yet never saw it coming – but should be proposed in the coming days. And by this update, Motorola primarily aims to improve the autonomy of its Moto 360, strongly pinned to his mediocrity on the item at its US release, before effective update that allowed him to reach the day without recharging . Here it will not exactly increase the overall battery life, but rather to propose a mode of energy saving (Smart Battery Saving) to extend life a few hours of the watch: when the battery reaches the critical 15%, Moto 360 thus will load automatically disable its brightness. Thus, it should in theory be able to take a little longer before being fully discharged.

Further improvements have also been announced on various points

The synchronization of the watch with the smartphone will be more frequent so that it is always on time (strange for a watch)

It will be possible to hide a notification without deleting it permanently so it does not appear constantly in the middle of the watch dial. To do this, you must click on the top of the notification. It will reappear on receiving another important notification.

When the load on his doc induction, Moto 360 will adjust its brightness to the room in which it is located.

As we mentioned yesterday, it will be possible to connect a Bluetooth headset to watch

This update will be accompanied by bug fixes, as usual. Please notify us feedback when you receive it!

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