Motorola Moto 360, a few clarifications and Qualcomm to go

Motorola wanted to organize a “conference” about the announcement of the development of the Moto 360 shows already drunk the high-tech lovers. Without really engaging, the manufacturer has still given two or three details.

A little talkative builder

Yesterday we had a Motorola conference on the sidelines of the announcement of Google for the advanced development of Android Wear. The US firm jumped at the opportunity to unveil its promotional video shows connected: Motorcycle 360. It’s on the Internet that could follow this “conference”, which was ultimately a question / answers where most questions remain.

Motorola has discussed design and shape of the watch has attracted interest. One could question the integration of an operating system on a round screen, but the manufacturer has swept the doubts by explaining that the OS fits perfectly. Questions about the price or autonomy remain unanswered, since it is probably too early to tell. Motorola has only raised the tightness of the object and the fact that it can be worn on the left or right. We also learned that the Moto 360 will support all versions of Android from 4.3, and it was thought so Unisex to please men and women.

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Qualcomm will be part

Who will provide the Moto 360 processors and LG G Watch? It may well be whether Qualcomm. The manufacturer had expressed once the announcement of Android Wear made. He wished to recall his long collaboration with Google, including the Nexus range. It emphasized the quality of its equipment, suitable for long battery life. Qualcomm also has expertise as it comes to the practice of making watches connected with the Toq, which should also be available before the summer in Europe.