MSI Starspeed 16x DVD-Rom: test and review

With 87 ms on average for the audio and data CDs, the CD access time is below the guidelines 95 ms all media combined CD and more precisely 90 ms for data CDs. As for the DVD, the deviation from the reference values ​​is even greater: 88 ms, the DVD-ROM MSI is faster than 72 ms requirements.

With DVD playback speed 8,7x, digital audio extraction of a film on DVD-9 (8.5GB) can be performed in twelve minutes. It’s the same for the extraction of an audio CD with a speed of 21,4x the Starspeed is rather fast. As for reading, strictly speaking, audio CDs, the speed averaged 24,8x and offers even higher transfer rates. With the measured values ​​for the read data CD (CD-ROM, CD-R (W)), which is around 5.1 MB / s (CD 29,8x) an average speed is obtained from CD playback 27,3x. Only CDs protected against copying by the Key2 Audio technology in MSI problematic drive. The device simply unable to read. When we inserted the CD Audio test Key2 protected, not just Windows Explorer did not report his presence but, in addition, no tool such as Clone CD nor the two digital audio extraction software Audiograbber and Musikmatch Jukebox n ‘could detect a CD in the drive. Even reading of the 96 sub-channels is not totally possible.

Error correction works perfectly if it is only small problems. Larger scratches pose however a logical problem to the reader. When testing with a CD with a stripe-shaped V, DVD-ROM drive MSI stopped after a transmission of only 14% by displaying a CRC error message. By comparison, during the same test, other readers transmit between 66 and 100% without any error message. It is not recommended to play badly worn or damaged CD with the DVD-ROM drive MSI.

Good read performance

DVD playback performance can be reconciled with the results obtained with the CD. The usable industrial DVD read-only, such as DVD-ROM or DVD video are read on average at a rate of 8,8x. This is an excellent result which allows working efficiently and obtain non-jerky video, provided it is suitably equipped in terms of processor and graphics. However, in terms of compatibility with the various DVD formats (re-) writable, the player shows very capricious again. DVD + R (W) and DVD-RAM are not recognized at all, much less read. However, the unit can play DVD-R (W). The relatively low reading speed for both formats around 6.2 MB / s (4.5x DVD), brings down the overall average. However, 6.6x DVD playback speed is still higher by at least 10% with the requirements.

Apart from compatibility problems with DVDs and related problems Key2 CD Audio, the only other downside is the noise level. As soon as the reader up in the towers, it is relatively noisy. While this discomfort remains in the realm of acceptable, the noise is annoying after a while.

The box includes an audio cable, a floppy with DOS drivers, an installation manual, four screws and WinDVD 3.1. No IDE cable or digital audio is provided.