Music to my shopping cart

There is no portable audio manufacturers that sell music online. Supermarkets also. Cora had initiated the movement, it 2 years ago, offering a music kiosk provided by OD2 white label. He never really pierced face behemoths such that Itunes Store and others. In France, the iTunes Music Store has 39% market share before Myxer (29%) and Fnacmusic (19%), according to the GFK institute.

Leclerc follows the lead of its competitor with its platform. The name of the booth will probably not arouse the curiosity of music lovers. However, the largest consumer of music to find music samples cheaply on this musical kiosk subject he chooses the most expensive subscription. For 50 euros a month – still – it will download 66 songs. 0.76 euro the musical excerpt, against 1 euro on average among competitors.

Alas, the Leclerc service is not likely to be much more attractive than its competitor Its platform is also provided by OD2. We can expect to find a catalog (1.5 million shares) and similar restrictions. Using assumed to be equipped with a Windows PC and embedding Windows Media Player to transfer music purchased on a course consistent player with the copy protection system from Microsoft. And services and the rates are identical. You can either enjoy the music in the room or unlimited listening. One would also have expected the setting up kiosks in Leclerc stores to stock up on music. Well no. Some stores are well equipped terminals, but they are dedicated to compare prices. It remains to Leclerc to be more inventive if it wishes to break into the online music market.