New Nintendo 3DS: test and review

The New Nintendo 3DS is not yet marketed in France. It is expected in the course of 2015. This test shows that our American colleagues who have purchased a New 3DS in Japan, where it has been available since early October 2014.

The Nintendo 3DS was launched in 2010, when the wave of “everything 3D” which promised us as TVs, smartphones and even on cameras with this technology would invade our daily lives. However, this trend did not at all, at least with regard to smartphones. And it even seemed that Nintendo was backing up leaving a 2DS and skipping over 3D with the Wii U. This is not the case. Here come the 3DS New whose name suggest a change in continuity that would justify a new version, at least for fans of Japanese brand and portable consoles.

New 3D effect

If 3DS was generally praised for its innovation, prolonged use was problematic. Most notable was the fact that it was necessary that the screen is held perfectly still for the 3D effect works correctly. In transit for example, the slightest jolt ruined the effect and needed each time the view readjusts to the 3D display, which could cause fatigue and even headaches. But all this changes with the New 3DS. Thanks to Face Detection technology, the system knows calibrate the screen. Where previously you had to adjust your view to make the display works is now the New 3DS that does the heavy lifting. And that makes a huge difference. The camera takes a while to detect your face and once it’s rigged, the 3D effect is activated without problem. You can move the head or tilt the console, the effect remains unless you exceed a 45 degree angle, which is not really problematic in most game situations.

The Face Detection system is however not perfect. He sometimes malfunction when the background is a bit crowded. But this case is unusual and the system is an undeniable improvement. This makes the 3D effect not only useful but also pleasant and comfortable over time.

What else is new in this Nintendo 3DS News? Honestly not much. The most important addition is a second analog stick to the right of the screen. But it is not like the first, it takes the form of a trackpoint straight out of a laptop. It detects movement and pressure applied by the finger. Its sensitivity is rather poor and should not be counted on to play two joysticks on a shooter (FPS). At most will she practice to move the camera in an adventure game like Monster Hunter 4G.

New rear buttons also debut (ZL and ZR) which are placed not below but alongside existing law and left buttons. Although they are small, they fall well under the fingers. Note also the disappearance of WiFi button, the passage of storage SD to micro-SD and moving the Start and Select buttons that are found in the four main buttons.

Custom shell

Nintendo has decided to embark on the personalization market with forty removable shields advantageously brighten the white or black frame of the New 3DS. There’s something for everyone with patterns or characters from Mario and texture effects. But these cases do not protect the edges of the console that remain exposed when dropped.

Under the hood, we find a slightly more powerful battery and a processor swifter. There are currently one game that uses this new configuration: Xenoblade Chronicles.

The only real novelty of the New 3DS regarding the display system which brings a real improvement. Is it worth the trouble to replace your 3DS? If you do not leave home without your portable console and if you spend hours on it at home, the answer is rather yes. But you must wait, its European release is expected early 2015, but no official date has been announced. For information, the price of the New 3DS in Japan is equivalent to about 120 euros, which is pretty reasonable, but there must be a supplementary budget to a charger that is not included (it’s become a habit).

Article by Tim Stevens for