Nintendo NX, Rainbow Six: Siege, Hearthstone: news video games of the week

Usually, summer is the time of calm for the video game industry. Certainly there are many great GamesCom show in Germany in mid-August, open to the public supposed to keep the gaming community alert. But in reality, this event is an opportunity for players to come lay hands on the next games coming a real time editors reveal (again!) New. The E3 2016 is not so far away, the big trends for late 2016, early 2017 are already known;. Despite this, the past week was still quite rich in events, ranging from leaks, retro console and on mythical return, outputs advertisements of additional content … it’s time for our little anthology.

Although Nintendo officially refuses to talk about its next console, the NX project planned for March 2017, information was still oozed on the Web;. Between the possible electronic components constituting the hardware architecture, the continued use of cartridges as on portable consoles or yet another possible design perspective, we made a point in this article.

Finally tangible on the Nintendo NX?

Far from Watch_Dogs 2 or Wildlands, Ubisoft will offer as of 6 December this year a new episode of South Park game on consoles and PC. To learn more about how this opus called the Annals of Destiny was created, Ubisoft released an interesting video, subtitled in French. Beware though, the vocabulary is sometimes very flowery!

Blizzard invites players Hearthstone, his game of playing cards virtual, come spend a “Night in Karazhan!” This is in fact the name of the next “solo adventure” game in five parts, the first will be free and available as of 12 August;. The other, themselves, come out to one per week and to play it, it will take to hand the wallet: 17,99 euros for Android, PC and Mac against 19.99 on iOS to buy all of them. Or otherwise, count 5.99 euros per unit (or € 6.99 for iOS) even 700 gold coins of the game by step. And when you buy the complete adventure in the week following its launch, a special card back will be offered to the player;. As usual, each episode will give the opportunity to face the various bosses to gain 45 new maps (in all). A new board game is also announced, colorful and equipped with a mirror ball a priori.

Operation Rain Skull (Skull Operation Rain) is the name of the next update R6S. Normally, it will be deployed on August 2 on all platforms and add two new Agents Special Forces Brazilian Police (man and woman) in the panel already present. Thank you the Olympics in Rio! They will be instant access to Season Pass holders and available for purchase a week later for the other players. A brand new map is also on the program, accessible to all players and inviting them to discover a highly destructible favela.

Among other additions, the reference there is a more realistic way (Tactical Realism) that would, for example, reduce the number of information carried on the radar;. Finally, note that R6S is free to play this weekend (28 July 31) on Xbox One and PC (Steam and Uplay), the opportunity to discover if you missed to its release!

The old consoles have the wind in its sails! After a new version of the NES Classic scheduled for the end of the year it is the turn of the SEGA Mega Drive reborn from its ashes. Its creator does not seem to be behind the project but, never mind, 80 games and the console will be available at 60 euros in September. Full details found in our article.

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Hearthstone is adopting a new “adventure” from August 12

Rainbow Six: See, the next update in approach

SEGA Mega Drive revived in September?

PS4 players waiting for No Man’s Sky and its multitude of planets to be discovered will be delighted to learn that, to play online, subscription to PlayStation Plus will not be required. This is one of Sony spokesmen who confided it to Game Informer website earlier in the week. The explanation is simple: the chances of cross other players are void and the game is not designed to make it possible.

However, an Internet connection is indeed required to record progressions and each discovery. Finally, on their website, developer Hello Games, the creators of No Man’s Sky, indicate that the game well out on August 9 in the US and 10 in Europe on PS4 … and not before 12, on PC worldwide! Argh!

No Man’s Sky: PS + optional delay 48h on PC