NVIDIA Shield Android TV and the Pro version make a brief appearance on Amazon

Android TV Shield (formerly Shield Console) had been presented around the GDC in March. We were there to discover this box Android TV powered with the latest NVIDIA Tegra X1. Provided between May and June, it has made a brief appearance on Amazon with two different models: NVIDIA Shield Shield Android TV and Android TV Pro.

Android TV Shield (which has been renamed since it was called Shield Console until the end of April) promises heavy: it is equipped with the latest Tegra X1 and Maxwell GPU with Android TV, it can encode and decode 4K, and it also uses the NVIDIA Grid service to be able to receive the “flow” of video games, the famous cloud-gaming that was discovered on the Shield Tablet. Not to mention, GameStream – streaming service from a PC.

Expected in the coming days, the Shield Android TV made a brief appearance on Amazon US with two packs NVIDIA Shield and Shield Pro, both are accompanied by a Shield Controller – a joystick designed by the US. What seems to differentiate the two packages is the available storage, 16GB flash memory for classic 500 GB for the Pro version. Moreover, the Pro version seems to be equipped with a hard disk, not eMMC flash memory chips.

We know nothing else about the release of this console Android TV nor its price or availability. Since the pages in question were removed from Amazon. They should still be fast enough back online.

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