Our tips for successful summer sales 2016 Internet

If you are looking for high-tech products, the success of your purchases during sales fits in your anticipation. A good tracking and good organization will help you not to miss the best deals on the net during sales. “You really prepare its purchases if you have specific needs because some deals have less than 100 pieces,” says Nicolas Camia head of IT group CDiscount telephony video games.

already start with you to create an account in the signs that you are targeting. You will receive alerts for each new price drop and save time while shopping online.

1. Anticipate!

Look forward balances the average price of your items in order to have a true reference price in mind. Since the decree of 11/03/16, the calculation of the reference price in France has changed and is no longer so reliable. “Before, e-tailers should display the reference price as an average over several months, but in 2008 France was condemned by the European Court fined because French law is too protective. Since the decree of March, the merchant must not make medium and can display reference price the amount he wants from the time he has practiced at least a day, “says Marie Martin, lawyer the INC.

The reference price displayed thus no longer means much, but it is possible today to establish itself in that amount before connecting balances or using price analysis tools. You will know if you are the real deal or if the reference price was inflated.

Traders do not have the right to resupply during sales, you have to be quick if you want a product in great demand. Stocks will soon run out and there will not be another. Hence the need for a real marking upstream and connect as soon as possible.

Destocking, promotions or balances, regulation is not the same for everyone. The best discounts are usually product says “resulted” in which cyber trader is allowed by law to sell at a loss and can suggest declines of more than 60 or 70%.

Pursuant to Article L310-3 of the Commercial Code, are considered sales “sales that are accompanied or preceded by advertising and are announced as tending, for a price reduction, accelerated the flow of goods in stock. “They have the obligation to display the word” sales “on the product page.

2. Be Quick

3. Learn to recognize true balances

4. Compare prices between e-tailers

5. Avoid unnecessary fees

In parallel balances, some very recent products can benefit from special promotions to look closely. “The latest models are often not resulted, but we have the largest site sales peaks during the sales, which allows our buyers to negotiate specific commercial offers as temporary price reductions or very competitive bundles” says the iT group leader “telephony video games” of CDiscount.

If the signs are alike increasingly, services included and displays differ. “You have to compare offers, the seller who displays the largest discount offers provided by the best price,” says Marie Martin of the INC. If the reference price was inflated, the percentage of reduction will have less effect on the final price.

“The rule of dual labeling also applies online. But beware: what is advertised as “cheaper” can be at the same price on other sites, “says Marie Taillard, in charge of press relations at the DGCCRF. “Check the cost of accessories and consumables, the amount of eco-participation and the delivery charges. Also look at the issue of commercial guarantees or not. All this can make the difference! ”

It is always unpleasant to get a deal but then pay the premium price to have it delivered. Fortunately the online sites are increasingly likely to propose a delivery or click & collect parcels free relay.

This mode click & collect to purchase online and have them delivered free in store very quickly, with the same guarantees as to the mail. Or an exchange or refund, without penalty, within 14 days minimum after the reception. The return can also be in store, a real plus to avoid fees.