Patent war: Samsung will pay $ 548 million to Apple

This is a Christmas gift that should please Apple. Samsung has agreed to pay $ 548 million to its US rival Apple in the case of patent violations between them for several years, said judicial sources.

Sentenced for patent infringement in August 2012, Samsung said in a document sent to the judge Lucy Koh in charge of the case he would pay that amount awarded by the court to Apple before the end of December. But this payment is not made unconditionally. The company reserves the right to actually get this money if the fine is varied or reversed on appeal, or if paternity is recognized on these patents, particularly in the context of the process launched with the US Patent Office (USPTO ).

A truce in 2014

Apple has however stated in that document that it was not in agreement with Samsung on this. The case could therefore still know twists.

The $ 548 million account for only half of what Apple initially and do not respond asked the question of who will pay the legal fees of the US group would reach some sources 1.8 million. Apple also asked the court to add additional damage to other patents that were not considered in the original judgment.

This patent war started in 2011. Apple had filed a complaint against Samsung before a California court for infringement of its intellectual property. The US firm accused his rival of having “copied its technology instead of innovating” and had been successful a year later. But the case had dragged on, the rhythm of the appeals filed by Samsung. It was not until the summer of 2014 to see emerge a crisis start when the two giants had announced the abandonment of their mutual lawsuits outside the US.